Camrock Light Photography Tripod CT-806

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Price (excl. VAT)€38.28
Delivery3-5 workdays
Quantity 5+  pcs

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Camrock CT-806 is a lightweight and handy lighting tripod made of aluminium. This lightweight construction is suitable for both studio and outdoor work. You can easily install on it flashes, LED panels and modifiers used while working on photos and videos, such as umbrellas or blenders. The wide leg spacing provides stability and the folding and extending sections make it easy to transport. Its maximum height is 252cm. The tripod is equipped with a standard 16mm stem with 1/4" thread. Main Product Features a handy folding lighting tripod ideal for working with studio, reporter and LED lamps provides comfortable work also with light modifiers (e.g. umbrellas or softboxes) maximum height of up to 252 cm wide leg spacing provides high stability 3 sections of the central column solidly locked feet sturdy lockable clamps for infinite height adjustment equipped with a standard 16 mm bolt with 1/4" made of lightweight aluminium Stable construction The wide spacing of the tripod legs is a guarantee of optimal stability. The Camrock CT-806 offers solid locking clamps that allow you to smoothly adjust the height of the central column, which consists of 3 sections. This design allows you to work with light in a convenient way and adjust the height of the tripod accordingly to the current needs of your frames. Light as a feather When assembled, the Camrock CT-806 tripod is 95 cm long. When unfolded and with all sections of the central column extended, you will gain as much as 252 cm in height! Thanks to the use of light aluminium alloy, you don't have to worry about the weight of the device. It weighs just 1.45kg, which is sure to please photographers who often travel with a tripod under their arm! One tripod, multiple uses The Camrock CT-806 lighting tripod is equipped with the popular 16mm stylus, which is compatible with hundreds of lamps available on the market. However, the possibilities of this model do not end there. The stem is topped with a 1/4 inch thread that will allow you to mount many other accessories, heads or additional mounts. You can also install a camera on the tripod in an emergency situation. For photographers and video makers No matter how long you've been involved in photography or video creation, the Camrock CT-806 lighting tripod will be the perfect addition to your studio or gear you take out in the field. Its compact design makes it great for both outdoor sessions and working in small spaces. Specification Model: Camrock CT-806 Colour: black Fabric: aluminium Mounts: Male tripod thread 1/4" Stem 16 mm Number of sections: 3 Minimum height: 95 cm Maximum height: 252 cm Length after folding: 95 cm Leg length: 64.5 cm Section diameter: 3.5 / 3 / 2.5 cm Weight: 1.45 kg Kit contents camrock CT-806 lighting tripod thread protection cap

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