Financing options

The financing option enables you to make your important purchases at once. Use a financing to buy a new computer, TV or other necessary equipment.
This enables you to receive the goods now and pay later in instalments.

ESTO financing

ESTO financing plan is a convenient and affordable option for making larger purchases and spreading the cost over a longer period. Available to both natural persons and businesses.

ESTO 3 payment

Use the quick and convenient ESTO 3 payment option to pay for goods or services - split the payment for your order into three equal instalments!

Telia financing

Telia hire-purchase is the best solution for dividing bigger purchases into suitable monthly installments for private persons. The contract can be terminated at any time without additional charges.

LHV financing

With LHV low credit rates you can receive the goods now and pay later. The financing option can be used for both smaller and larger purchases. You can choose a suitable amount of monthly instalments and the length of the repayment period.
Available to natural persons.