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TP-Link Powerline Adapter KIT TL-PA4010PKIT AV500+, TP-Links TL-PA4010PKIT uses your existing electrical wiring, um additionally transfer data about it. You can easily set up a new network by connecting the adapters, without having to lay cables. With the small housing, you are now even more flexible in terms of placement and you "consume" dank Front socket no slot.<br />Through the modern HomePlug-AV-Technology makes it possible TL-PA4010PKIT eine fast and stable 500Mbps-Connection over up to 300m. With the powerful AES-This is the encryption mechanism TL-PA4010PKIT first choice for home networking, be it for Computer, IPTV, game consoles, Receiver, Printer or NAS-Devices.<br />The integrated socket allows this TL-PA4010PKIT den Reconnect the previously installed device, also then, if there is no other socket nearby.<br />By simply pressing the "Pair"-Buttons on the adapters allow users to complete a Powerline network within minutes 128-Bit-AES-Set up encryption for network security and data protection with ease.<br />With its integrated filter, this optimizes TL-PA4010PKIT seine Communication and removes annoying noise. It won& Problem, if a device with high power consumption is suddenly switched on in your electrical network.<br />The TL-PA4010PKIT belongs to a generation of powerline adapters and, in addition to the smaller housing, is also significantly less energy-hungry. No data is transmitted for a certain time, the device switches to energy saving mode and then saves up to 85% Energy
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