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CyberPower Switched ATS PDU15SWHVIEC12ATNET - Power distribution unit, CyberPower PDU15SWHVIEC12ATNET provides the supply of one USV, a generator or other alternative power supply, um diverse connected devices in IT-To supply environments. An die two inputs can be connected to separate power sources, um to safely supply redundant devices. When the primary power source exceeds the desired power, Thresholds or utility sensors occur, switches die PDU automatically to the other power source um, um ensure continuous operation of the outputs. The device supports remote control of the individual outputs via the network, allowing administrators to connect connected devices from any location- and can turn off.<br />The product includes a remote management card. With the SNMP card and one IP-Address on the network interface, users have access to real-time monitoring of the ATS-PDU. Die Power management web interface provides real-time remote monitoring of the PDU. Die Event logging through a web browser or network connection allows users, den Check the course of the power supply conditions. When certain energy events occur, become automatic event notifications per E-Mail, SMS-Text or SNMP trap sent to certain users, so that they can take action immediately. The marked one RJ45-Connection enables the optional environmental sensor to be connected (ENVIROSENSOR), which enables real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity.<br />The product is also certified as interoperable and compatible with Cisco Compatible -Network environments, was contributes to this, die Achieve the best possible energy efficiency in the data center scenario