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TP-Link TL-R480T+ - Router - Desktop, The TL-R480T+ is a product, that was designed for small businesses. Er has three interchangeable interfaces, die either on LAN or on WAN can be set and which allow the router, bis to four WAN-Ports to offer, um meet various Internet access requirements using a single device. Network traffic is controlled at the same time, um ensure, that the data is correctly distributed to the ports. The TL-R480T+ of TP-LINK will provide you with consistent network availability and reliable Ethernet connectivity.<br />Die Online detection and testing on the WAN-Interface serve this, um die Connectivity through the line PING/Tracert detection or through eine DNS-Test request and is of great help to administrators, um Check and rule out barriers and errors.<br />Die IP-/MAC-Address binding ensures that, that only the computers can access the network, die the authentication is both correct IP- as well as MAC-Use address, was die Possibility of malicious network attacks from the outside is restricted.<br />Professional lightning protection is designed for this, Prevent overvoltage from entering the interior of the electrical equipment and harmlessly discharging it into the earth. This router withstands lightning strikes of up to under well-grounded conditions 4kV ab. This function ensures, that your investments in the network infrastructure are protected from the forces of Mother Nature as much as possible.<br />Die internal automatic line redirection strategy can distribute data streams according to the bandwidth proportion and the utilization rate of the multi-line broadband. In addition, you can manually change the bandwidth of the percentage WAN manage. This will make it very easy for you, Set up load balancing rules.<br />The TL-R480T+ of TP-LINK supports IP- and port-based QoS, was Your Multimediastreaming, Your video conferencing, Games etc. enabled with high performance
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