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The Redleaf RD200 Alarm System will help to increase the level of security on your property and make your daily work easier in places such as warehouses, stores or offices. Wireless communication between the solar-powered motion detector and the receiver, which can be up to 800 meters apart, will avoid the use of cables for versatility of use. You can also power both devices from the micro USB port if needed. The motion detector is IP66-compliant, so it's protected against rain and dust. You can also expand the kit with 3 additional motion detectors to create a comprehensive alarm system. Main Product Features alarm system consisting of a wireless receiver and motion detector charged by a solar panel motion detection operating within 60º horizontal and 40º vertical possibility to connect 4 sensors within one alarm system LEDs indicating motion detection from a particular sensor a pleasant motion notification sound Adjustable notification volume from the receiver up to 800 meters communication range between sensor and receiver with alarm module 2-step sensor sensitivity adjustment (motion detection from a distance of up to 6 m or 9.1 m) Solar panel Solar panel for powering the motion detector with a maximum power of 0.35 W additional option to charge the motion detector via micro USB port 2 ways to power the receiver - 4 AA batteries or micro USB port (DC 5V / 1A) low sensor charge indication from the receiver Duty battery indication from the receiver Resistance to dust and rain (IP66) a 360º antenna installed on the receiver for precise positioning included mounting pins and screws for convenient installation of the sensor on a flat surface possibility to buy additional sensors operating within one alarm system Security at home or business With the Redleaf RD200 alarm system, you can take real action whenever the device identifies movement in the monitored area. It's all thanks to a compact device that you can easily adapt to your needs. The detector will react in real time to movement and send information to the receiver via radio within a second. A short, pleasant melody (the volume of which can be adjusted) will inform you of the presence of guests or intruders. The LED indicator on the receiver will also light up, making it easier to identify which sensor has been triggered (if you expand the kit with additional detectors). Bet on solar energy! The motion detector's built-in solar panel powers a 1500 mAh battery, so you don't have to worry about regularly replacing batteries. All you have to do is install the device in a location that allows it to charge itself with renewable energy that you don't have to pay for. Want to install sensors in rooms where the sun doesn't reach? No problem! Micro USB port will allow you to regularly recharge the built-in battery. The manufacturer also took care of a special LED that will inform you about the loss of power in the motion detector. Water and dust resistance The motion sensor included in the Redleaf RD200 alarm system meets the IP66 waterproof standard, so you can install it anywhere it will be exposed to harsh weather conditions without any worries. Regardless of the weather, the device is always ready for action. It is designed so that rain, snow and dust will not affect its operation! Fast setup process With the Redleaf RD200 alarm system, you don't have to waste time on time-consuming setup, even when you want to use four independent sensors. Just turn on all the devices, set the switches that define each channel and... done. The receiver itself identifies the sensors, which can be up to 800 meters away. No cables, no complicated configuration! Just take out of the box individual components of the system, choose the power supply and enjoy a higher level of security on your property! THE KIT INCLUDES ONE MOVEMENT DETECTOR. Additional sensors for the REDLEAF RD200 system must be purchased separately. Convenient installation Included with the Redleaf RD200 alarm system, you'll find the necessary screws and studs to install the sensor in the desired location without having to buy additional accessories. Right out of the box, you can start installing it on facades or walls. On the casing of the receiver you will also find a special hole, which allows you to hang the device. If you want it to stand on a desk or cabinet, it is also provided with rubber feet, which ensure optimal stability. Specification model: Redleaf RD200 Alarm System radio communication: 433 MHz transmission range: up to 800 m number of supported channels: max. 4 sensor sensitivity: large: 9.1 m (high sensitivity) small: 6 m (low sensitivity) solar panel power: 0.35 W max Tightness standard: IP66 battery in sensor: built-in (1500 mAh) sensor charging: solar power micro USB port (5V / 1A) receiver power supply: 4 AA batteries micro USB port (5V / 1A) Motion sensor dimensions: 89 x 89 x 85 mm receiver dimensions: 88 x 88 x 36 mm weight of motion detector: 188 g receiver weight: 82 g Kit contents Redleaf RD200 motion detector with solar panel Redleaf RD200 audio alarm receiver set of mounting studs and screws USB-A / micro USB cable charger

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