Camrock CP-530 lightweight tripod

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Price (excl. VAT)€30.33
Delivery3-5 workdays
Quantity 5+  pcs

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The Camrock CP-530 is a handy and lightweight tripod designed for youtubers, vloggers, video creators and amateur photographers. The device weighs just 660 grams and when folded, its length is a little over 40 centimeters. With these parameters, you can take it on every trip, without losing too much space in your backpack or bag. The tripod is equipped with an ergonomic 3D head with a level. It allows you to quickly and comfortably set the right frame. The extendable central column also allows you to adjust the tripod's height without having to adjust all of its legs. Thanks to the included quick disconnect device, you will be able to remove your camera from the tripod in just a second! Along with the Camrock CP-530 tripod you will also get a GoPro mounting adapter, a smartphone holder and a practical carrying case that you can throw over your shoulder when needed. These accessories will make your handy vlogger kit even more versatile! Main Product Features high stability and strength Easy to use 3D head Built-in spirit level quick-coupler for instant camera or camcorder installation Extendable central column Built-in leveling device Fast release for instant camera or camcorder installation 4-section snap-lock legs Slide-out center column anti-skid feet compatible with cameras with 1/4-inch tripod thread, sports cameras with GoPro mounts, and smartphones that are 60 to 98 mm wide Stable shots from your sports camera and smartphone Are you looking for a versatile tripod that will allow you to work efficiently and quickly not only with cameras, but also with sports cameras and smartphones? Camrock CP-530 was made just for you! The tripod comes with the right accessories to expand its capabilities. In addition to a quick mount plate with 1/4" male tripod mount to which you can connect most popular mirrorless cameras, you will also find a GoPro compatible mounting adapter and an adjustable smartphone holder in the box. With these accessories, no unexpected situation will thwart your photography or filming plans, and the range of devices you can use will grow significantly! Fast-and-convenient-work The tripod can successfully handle equipment weighing up to 3 kg, so you can install on it not only popular smartphones and sports cameras, but also mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses. Its maximum working height of 149 cm will ensure comfortable framing while making home vlogs or streaming no matter how tall you are! Aluminum legs finished with non-slip feet guarantee stability and durability. Their 4 extendable sections equipped with a convenient system of clamps will allow you to quickly set the optimum height of the frame. The extendable central column also allows for quick correction, which can be done in seconds! At home and on the go The Camrock CP-530 is not only a convenient and comfortable home studio from which you send your game streams or daily vlogs to the world. The tripod is perfect for working on video materials shot in the field, where "handheld" shots do not always allow full control of the frame and there is no one around to take over the camera or camcorder from you. The included carrying case will allow you to carry the tripod in a comfortable way, and the included accessories will allow you to work with most of the popular video recording devices. Record even better vlogs When you're creating videos for YouTube, you don't always have time to set up precise frames. Thanks to 3D head equipped with Camrock CP-530 tripod it will take only few seconds to prepare proper shot. The comfortable handle will also allow you to take a stitch or a quiet panorama. If you want to complement your tripod shots with handheld ones, you will surely appreciate the quick-mount plate, which is compatible with popular 1/4 inch diameter mounts. It will allow you to install and remove the camera or camcorder on the tripod in no time, depending on your needs. Specification model: Camrock CP-530 Material of construction: aluminum, plastic number of leg sections: 4 leg lock type: snaps head type: 3D maximum working height: 149 cm maximum working height: 4 minimum working height: 44 cm maximum working load: 149 cm maximum tripod load: 3 kg weight: 0.66 kg colour: black Kit contents Camrock CP-530 tripod Quick mount plate with 1/4"-male tripod mount Mounting adapter for GoPro system phone holder (60mm to 98mm wide) case Warranty 2 years (manufacturer's warranty)

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