Saramonic UwMic9S Wireless Audio Transmission Kit 1 (RX9 + TX9)

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Saramonic's UwMic9S is an improved version of the flagship UwMic9 wireless audio kit, which in recent years has conquered the world of YouTube productions, online streams, vlogs, interviews and conferences by professionals and amateurs alike. New features and solutions will enable users to create even better videos, audios and podcasts! The RX9S receiver and TX9S transmitter, which you will find in the set, are equipped with capacious built-in batteries that will allow for 8 hours of continuous operation. New features include additional audio inputs, physical switches to mute recording from individual audio sources, and detachable antennas that can be positioned at any angle. Modern components are enclosed in a light and strong casing made of the highest quality aluminum alloys, which not only looks professional but also protects against bumps and falls. The ideal sound quality is provided by the professional Saramonic DK3A tie microphone, which is specially designed for recording demanding dialogues. An armored carrying case is also included for easy transport and storage. Let the sound in your movies, broadcasts and podcasts reach a whole new level! The Saramonic UwMic9S UwMic9S Kit1 (RX9S + TX9S) gives you everything you need to make the comments about being hard of hearing disappear from your YouTube videos once and for all. Main Features of Saramonic UwMic9S Wireless Audio Kit 1 (RX9S + TX9S) Kit with 1 transmitter and 1 receiver an easy to read OLED display for quick check of recording parameters professional quality of transmitted sound low-frequency noise reduction fast pairing via infrared ports physical toggle switches to mute selected channel removable swivel switch removable 360° rotating antenna Built-in rechargeable battery Built-in battery that works up to 8 hours on a single charge additional power source by using USB-C DC 5V port possibility to split the signal into independent channels: left and right line input lightweight carrying case included Lightweight and reliable In the Saramonic UwMic9S Wireless Audio Transmission Kit1 you will find a professional transmitter and receiver, whose housings are made of durable aluminum alloy. The devices are thus lightweight and resistant to unexpected bumps and falls, which are, after all, an integral part of working on set, in the theater, television or house of worship. Recording audio on two different devices The UwMic9S RX9S receiver allows you to record stereo audio using an external recorder or the camera you're filming with. However, nothing prevents you from splitting the signal into two separate channels. This solution will allow you to record audio on different devices, giving you peace of mind that if one of them fails, you can count on a backup! Multi-layer recording When you choose the Saramonic UwMic9S Wireless Audio Kit1 (RX9S + TX9S), you'll experience the true power of multi-layer track recording! The RX9S receiver is equipped with an additional 3.5mm mini jack socket, where you can plug in an additional microphone or other signal source. This makes it easy to mix your transmitter's voice along with background music, movie sounds used in multimedia presentations, or audio created specifically for your video. And there's nothing stopping you from plugging another microphone into the "Mic / Line" jack to expand the number of guests invited to your show! Additional audio source Have an idea to supplement your recordings with more audio sources, but don't want to invest in additional equipment such as mixers or audio interfaces? By choosing the Saramonic UwMic9S Kit1 wireless audio transmission kit, you can also do it from the transmitter! The TX9S module features an additional line input that will allow you to connect a second microphone or audio device. This way your equipment will grow with you, without having to invest in new equipment! Get rid of noise! The wind, the hustle and bustle of the street or the neighbor doing renovations next door won't interfere with your recordings if you take advantage of the special "low-cut" mode offered by the Saramonic UwMic9S Wireless Audio Kit1. The innovative feature cuts low frequencies, reducing unwanted noise. Your voice is thus recorded more clearly, and all the moments when you or your interlocutors stop talking are not disturbed by noise! You will never run out of power! The receiver and transmitter included in the UwMic9S Kit1 feature high-capacity batteries that provide up to 8 hours of continuous audio transmission. You don't have to worry about keeping a supply of rechargeable batteries. If your recording session gets long, simply connect the microports to a powerbank, charger or computer using the included USB-C cable and charge them while you work! Clear LED indicators will let you know when your devices need to refill. The full charging process itself will take between 1 and 2 hours! Instant Sync Do you want express alignment of transmitter and receiver wavelengths? It's easy with the UwMic9S Kit1. Use the "Auto Scan" function to make remote devices detect each other's presence, or bring them closer together using the infrared (RF) ports. Whether you're recording vlogs, interviews, podcasts or documentaries, rest assured that the time it takes to sync your devices will be limited to mere seconds. Your interviewees will never be distracted by unexpected interruptions in their recordings! Innovative 360° detachable antennas Both the receiver and transmitter included in the Saramonic UwMic9S Wireless Audio Kit1 feature innovative 360° antennas. For convenient transport and even greater comfort, you can unscrew them from the microports at any time. The antennas are also equipped with unique 360° heads, which provide full flexibility in terms of their positioning. This innovative solution will ensure that in case of any interference, you can even more precisely transmit and receive radio waves! Professional listening always at hand On the casing of the RX9S receiver, you will find a 3.5mm mini jack socket for convenient connection of headphones. The ability to monitor recorded conversations, interviews and speeches will allow you to more easily catch any unwanted sounds, crackles and noises that you may not have heard with the naked ear. Listening is also the best way to eliminate mistakes or slips of the tongue. With headphone monitoring of your recordings, no nasty sound surprises will surprise you while editing your videos or podcasts! Recording outdoors - up close or far away Selecting the best optimal frequencies will ensure that the signal from other RF transmitters operating in the environment will never get into your recordings. The distance between the TX9S transmitter and the RX9S receiver in an open area can be up to 100 meters, and the recorded sound will still remain crystal clear and undistorted. In addition, among the accessories included with the Saramonic DK3A tie microphone, you will find a unique deadcat cover with a clamping band that provides a stable mount on the microphone. It will significantly reduce noise that could affect the sound quality recorded in harsh weather conditions. Full control over sound sources On the casing of the RX9S receiver you will find physical ON-OFF switches. This allows you to mute or reactivate the sound from a specific source in one second. You don't have to do this from the unit's menu, making on-set work quicker and more efficient. And if you're not sure what signal is coming into the receiver, one glance at the color LED is all it takes to see if any of the transmitters are off or muted! Always in place In the Saramonic UwMic9S Kit1, you will find a number of accessories for convenient mounting of the microports. A special adapter allows you to mount the receiver on the camera or tripod. In turn, belt mounts facilitate fast and efficient switching of transmitters during the recording of interviews, or reporters' sets. All 3.5 mm mini jack sockets are also equipped with safety locks, which will protect you from unexpected unplugging of cables from microphones, headphones or other devices connected to this versatile set. Professional protective case The Saramonic UwMic9S Wireless Audio Kit1 (RX9 + TX9) includes a special carrying case equipped with a comfortable handle and solid latching mechanisms. Its interior conceals perfectly shaped compartments for the safe transport of the receiver, transmitters and all additional accessories. In addition, the interior of the box is completely filled with flexible material, which will provide the highest level of protection for your equipment. Specification Transmitter TX9S model: Saramonic UwMic9S Wireless Audio Transmission Kit 1 (RX9S + TX9S) Transmission type: UHF modulation: GFSK range of operation: up to 100 m input socket: 2 x mini Jack 3.5 mm (Mic / Line) power requirements: built-in lithium-ion battery or USB-C DC 5V battery capacity: 2000 mAh battery life: approximately 8 hours reference audio input level: -60 dBv (Mic input, 0 dB attenuation) signal-to-noise ratio: > 75 dB latency: 12 ms sound distortion: Material: aluminum alloy weight: approx. 157 g dimensions: 220 x 64 x 25 mm RX9S receiver Transmission type: UHF modulation: GFSK operating range: up to 100 m input socket output socket: 2x mini Jack 3.5 mm input jack: 1 x mini Jack 3.5 mm (Mic / Line) headphone jack: mini Jack 3.5 mm power requirements: built-in lithium-ion battery or USB-C DC 5V battery capacity: 2000 mAh battery life: approximately 8 hours sensitivity: -95 dBm signal-to-noise ratio: > 75 dB latency: 12 ms sound distortion: Material: aluminum alloy weight: approx. 193 g Dimensions: 220 x 64 x 25 mm Kit contents 1 x RX9S receiver 1 x TX9S transmitter 1 x Saramonic DK3A tie microphone 1 x Saramonic cable tie microphone 1 x Saramonic SR-C2004 splitter from mini Jack TRS 2x mini Jack TRS 1 x Saramonic audio cable 1 x Saramonic audio cable SR-UM10-C35XLR - mini Jack / XLR 2 x USB-C to USB-A charging cable (120 cm) 1 x mini Jack 3.5 mm TRS cable 3 x antenna 2 x belt clip 1 x camera or tripod mount adapter 1 x carrying case

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