ELDOM PJ300 FRES low speed juicer

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Product codePJ300
Warranty 2 years
Price (excl. VAT)€69.42
Delivery5-8 workdays

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NB! Järelmaks on finantskohustus,
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NB! Järelmaks on finantskohustus,
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- durable, SLOW-RIGHT juicer ideal for squeezing juice from fruits, herbs, all vegetables, e.g. tuber, leafy
- BPA free - free of bisphenol A
- 45 rpm
- up to 30% more juice compared to traditional juicers
- HEAVY PRESS technology
- stainless steel body - INOX
- 2 directions of engine operation - if the fruit or vegetables get stuck, the worm can be moved back without taking apart the device
- reverse gear
- quiet operation
- Easy-to-use
- SAFETY LOCK security lock
- non-slip feet
- extremely quiet operation
- DC brush motor

    - filter with small eyes, rare juice
    - apple slicer
    - waste containers with a capacity of 1 liter
    - juice container with a capacity of 1 liter
    - non-spill valve for juice
    - a scroll that allows you to squeeze fruit and vegetables with doubled force
    - pusher
    - cleaning brush

For fans of technical details:

    - diameter of the inlet (chimney) -
    - the possibility of washing small parts in the dishwasher
    - non-slip feet
    - convenient carrying handle
    - color: silver - stainless steel housing
    - power: 200W
    - 24 months door to door warranty

The slow-speed juicer PJ300 FRES works quietly, is easy to use and clean, and very efficient. Thanks to the effective crushing of products (HEAVY PRESS technology) and the pressing of cold juice, it maintains the maximum value of valuable health substances contained in vegetables and fruits. Compared to a traditional juicer, you will get up to 30% more juice thanks to it!

Model PJ300 FRES has an efficient engine that works in two directions, thanks to which you can easily deal with possible wedging of processed products. It also has a solid squeezing mechanism, made of safe materials - free of bisophenol A (BPA free), stainless steel INOX body, juice collector with a valve (so-called non-spill caps), non-slip feet and an interlock (SAFETY LOCK), which allows you to start the squeezer only after all parts have been properly installed.

Included with the squeezer are: two containers (for juice and pulp), an apple slicer, a practical pusher and a cleaning brush.
To pre-rinse the device, just pour clean water into the hole in the lid during operation. In addition, all removable juicer parts can be washed in dishwashers. The PJ300 FRES juicer has an attractive appearance and shape that makes it look great in any kitchen, standing in a visible place - always at hand!

Juice container capacity:
1 L
Food pusher:
Pulp container:
Anti-drip function:
Juice container:
Rotational speed:
45 RPM
Pulp container capacity:
1 L
Bisphenol A (BPA) free:
Number of speeds:
Product colour:
AC input voltage:
230 V
150 W
AC input frequency:
50 Hz
6.5 kg

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