Newell replacement ST-01 battery for Sony

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The Newell replacement ST-01 is a replacement for the battery you will find in the Sony SRS-X3, SRS-XB2, SRS-XB20 portable speaker. It has a capacity of 2600 mAh, which will give you many hours with your favourite music after each charge of the device. To replace the battery, you will only need a screwdriver and a tutorial, which you are sure to find on YouTube. The cell offers a high level of performance. For the sake of safety of use, the manufacturer has also taken care of a number of safety features. Main product features replacement of the ST-01 rechargeable battery from the recognised Newell brand compatible with Sony SRS-X3, SRS-XB2, SRS-XB20 speaker large capacity of 2600mAh (19.24Wh) long lifetime high performance and stability large number of charge and discharge cycles quality proven by Newell's years of experience 40 month warranty Choose the right model! Want to be 100% sure the battery will fit? Check which battery your Sony speaker has before ordering and select the right one from our range. Saving and ecological Bluetooth wireless speakers have redefined the comfort of listening to music. Thanks to them, we've forgotten about tangled cables, constant battery changes and the logistics of accessing traditional power sockets. Built-in rechargeable batteries charged via a USB port have changed the game, but it is still important to bear in mind that their lifespan decreases with each passing month of use. However, you don't have to replace the speaker to get it working like new again! All you need to do is reach for a replacement battery, which you can easily install under the housing of the device yourself. All you need is a screwdriver and a short instructional video run on YouTube. This solution not only saves money, but also means less electro-waste! The new life of a speaker A Bluetooth wireless speaker is now a must-have item for trips, parties, park picnics and barbecue gatherings. Make sure your favourite music is always at your fingertips, without worrying about the shorter lifespan of your worn-out device. Opt for top quality and a perfect fit. With the Newell rechargeable battery, your loudspeaker will gain a whole new lease of life. The 2600 mAh capacity means a long time to listen to your favourite songs, albums and playlists - without compromise! Ideal fit Newell batteries are characterised by their exceptional build quality. The Newell replacement is a perfect fit for the Sony SRS-X3, SRS-XB2, SRS-XB20 speakers. Perfect reproduction of the shape of the original cell ensures the highest level of safety and trouble-free installation. Battery replacement - good practices To remove the outer speaker cover, undermine it with a plastic or wooden spatula, taking care not to scratch the housing. When replacing the battery, you will also need a screwdriver. Use this to unscrew the unit. In many speaker models, a large number of screws need to be removed to reach the battery. If you find it difficult to dismantle a part, do not use force! First make sure that all fixings have been properly unscrewed or removed. If you feel resistance when removing the old battery from the speaker, proceed with caution! Do not jerk the cell or use excessive force. Remember that a swollen or damaged battery can be a real danger to you or the environment. If you have a model of loudspeaker where you have easy access to the back wall of the battery compartment after disassembly, it is a good idea to use double-sided adhesive tape. Tape one side of the tape to the wall of the loudspeaker, and attach the new battery with the other side. Note the polarity of the battery pack. Before you remove the old cell, take a look at how it was connected. Memory can be unreliable, so just in case, it's worth taking a photo! Check how the different coloured wires line up in order, then connect the new battery in the same way. 40 month warranty Newell stands for hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world who have enjoyed years of quality battery replacements used in a wide variety of devices. It is with them in mind that the service guarantee on all the brand's products has been extended to 40 months. By choosing a Newell battery, you can be sure that it will last you at least 3 years while listening to music from your favourite speaker. Specification model: Newell ST-01 for Sony colour: green technology: Li-ion capacity: 2600mAh (19.24Wh) voltage: 7.4V weight: 95 g warranty: 40 months Compatibility Sony Bluetooth portable speaker SRS-X3, SRS-XB2, SRS-XB20 Kit contents Newell replacement ST-01 battery for Sony

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