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The TaoTronics TT-AD004 aromatherapy diffuser is a proven way to create healthy and humidified air in your home. The unique design of the device, imitating the natural grain of dark wood, will add an original touch to any interior. The unit offers unique LED backlighting in different colours. One fill of the tank is enough for 14 hours of uninterrupted operation. The TT-AD004 model is also ideal for aromatherapy. A few drops of essential oils added to the water in the tank will allow any room to be filled in a few minutes with a pleasant, soothing scent that will impress guests and provide a comfortable atmosphere in the flat, home or office. Humidified air and pleasant fragrance Dry air promotes the growth of viruses and also leads to dry skin and mucous membranes. The TaoTronics TT-AD004 diffuser helps to crack down on this problem, allowing you to additionally get rid of unpleasant odours by adding essential oils to the water. The reservoir inside the device holds 400 ml of liquid, which is enough for 14 hours of continuous operation of the diffuser. Water level control system The diffuser is equipped with a special safety feature that automatically switches off the device when the reservoir runs out of water. The TaoTronics TT-AD004 can therefore remain on when you leave the house for a while or fall asleep. The water level control system will protect the unit from possible overheating. Timer switch We can control the operating time of the TaoTronics TT-AD004 diffuser via a timer switch. The dedicated button is located on the housing of the device. With its help, the device can automatically switch off after 1, 3 or 6 hours. This will be a convenient solution for people who like to fall asleep surrounded by pleasant fragrances and properly humidified air. Lighting to match the interior The TaoTronics TT-AD004 fragrance diffuser offers a special operating mode in which the device can be strikingly illuminated. This helps to achieve a unique atmosphere and mood in the room. The diffuser switches seamlessly between different colours and shades of illumination. The available variants are: orange, yellow, red, green blue, pink, purple, white and grey. We can also choose just one colour of backlighting if any of these particularly enhance the character of the interior in which the diffuser is used. Modern design The unit's compact dimensions and unique design will make the TaoTronics TT-AD004 diffuser find its way into any room. The dark finish of the casing, which imitates the natural grain of wood, is sure to quickly draw the attention of your guests, and the appropriate illumination will give the interior a unique character. The diffuser will perfectly find its place in austere and minimalist interiors, but will also work well as a decoration for traditionally arranged places. Specification - model: TaoTronics TT-AD004 - colour: wenge - height: 15.5 cm - diameter: 17 cm - weight: 0.4 kg - tank capacity: 400 ml - working time: max 14 hours - capacity: 25 to 60 ml per hour - power supply: DC 24 V 650 mA - power: max. 13 W Kit contents - TaoTronics aromatherapy diffuser TT-AD004 - wenge - mains adapter - 150 ml water measure

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